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Do you feel numb, tired, confused, overwhelmed? Are you dealing with loss or struggling with relationship conflict? As a wellness practitioner of 10 yrs, immigrant, parent, person of color, I know how hard it is to navigate life’s challenges alone or deal with transitions. I have a special needs child so have lived struggles with ADHD/OCD, family drama and parenting. As a couples and family therapist, I will help you build stronger bond with your partner, and learn to communicate effectively . I help clients process trauma, set boundaries, understand their patterns/emotions, overcome anxiety and use evidence based tools to succeed.
I understand South Asian Culture, family conflict and work from anti-oppressive, feminist lens. I support clients with loss/grief, relationship issues and painful life experiences using research based modalties like EMDR, EFT, CBT, IFS, DBT, Somatic, Mindfulness and other integrative modalities. Special training to work with COUPLES and TRAUMA.
I have struggled in my own life and overcame challenges. I have had losses in my life and dealt with grief and pain. I have a special needs child and know how hard it can be. Book a free 15 mins consult with me or my team. No obligation consult to see if we are a right fit. I promise to email or get in touch with you within 24- 48 business hours

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