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The Savory Chopstick

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Hi ! I’m Sharon, cooking up the magic on The Savory Chopstick.

Step into my kitchen, where being a mom to four lively boys fuels my love for cooking and savoring great food.  My oldest is 6 years old and youngest is 6 months old. Despite the chaos, I’ve perfected the art of crafting tasty dishes without the time-consuming hassle. Join me as I introduce easy to follow recipes bursting with flavor, drawing inspiration from my Asian roots and global culinary inspirations.

There is something truly magical about seeing my family gather around the table and enjoy the meals I’ve prepared. Surprisingly, I wasn’t always passionate about food or eagerly anticipating mealtime during my childhood. It felt more like a chore back then. That’s why I pour extra love into my cooking now. It brings me happiness to create tasty food and enjoy happy moments with my family around the table. Somewhere along the way, cooking became my love language.

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  • Country: USA
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