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Kelowna Excavating Company


There are two main types of excavations: unclassified and classified. Unclassified excavations are those where a single layer of soil is removed from the surface of another. This is done for a variety of reasons, including preparing the surface for building foundations or embankments. These types of excavations are usually shallow in depth, with depths of just a few inches to several hundred millimeters. However, there are times when larger quantities of soil are excavated.

Topsoil excavations are the easiest to perform compared to rock excavations. Topsoil Kelowna excavation companies involves the removal of vegetation and decaying matter that make soil unsuitable for construction. Muck, for example, is the sediment-like material that is found at the bottom of a marsh. Its loose consistency makes it impossible to erect a foundation. However, when topsoil excavation is needed for a construction site, the muck can be removed and the topsoil spread to dry.

Kelstone Contracting
2951 Richter Street,
Kelowna BC V1Y 2R8

Phone 250-212-6099




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