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InnerSpace | Sensor Free Space Utilization

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Understand the total experience of your space with hardware-less space analysis—transform your existing Wi-Fi into a source of valuable insights with industry-leading accuracy.

Our powerful platform offers best-in-class insights that go beyond simple headcount and provide a fuller picture of how individuals and teams use their workspaces.

Cost effective

By using your existing Wi-Fi, we can offer more accurate data without all the cost and effort needed for traditional sensor-based systems.

Simple, speedy rollout

With no sensors to install, there’s no learning curve or hassle. We can get up and running within 24 hours to start providing usable data.

Industry-leading data 

With a precision range of 6 ft, we provide Wi-Fi location data and aggregate multiple inputs for deeper, more meaningful information.

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  • Country: Canada
  • City: Toronto
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